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Forward Contract

Forward Contract

Fixing a rate for delivery in the future.

forward contract allows a you to buy an amount of currency based on today’s rates but to pay for it on a date in the future nominated by you. When you take out a forward contract you know what pre-agreed rate you will get when you pay for the currency. You can choose to pay, if you like some or all of it before the ‘Maturity date’ or to pay for it when the contract matures.


The forward contract rate is effected by the spot rate on a day to day basis, please do call us on 01548 857009 should you wish to find out how a Forward Contract could benefit you.

D-Mack Convert Currency
This converter obtains up to the minute exchange rates from Yahoo Finance
You do not need to include a currency symbol such as $ or £
You can include the cents decimal , such as 1345.89 if you like

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