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Private Clients

Private Clients

Any payment you need to make in a foreign currency.

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South West Foreign Exchange Ltd are the South West’s leading foreign exchange company, every year helping hundreds of people move their money quickly and safely around the world. Whether you are buying or selling a property abroad, making an overseas investment or converting a pension or salary we are here to help and save you money.

At SWFX, we always offer commercial rates of exchange which will be far more competitive than using your bank.

The whole process is very simple and straightforward with six basic steps.

1.  Discuss what your requirements are and explain how the process works.

2.  Open an account – This is free and easy to do and you are under no obligation to trade with us.

3.  When you are ready to transact, we can buy your required currency. The exchange rate is agreed over the telephone before you send any funds to us and is confirmed by email. This currency will be purchased in the form of either a spot or forward contract. (Please click on each to see explanation).

4.  You wire transfer the funds to pay for the purchased currency, either online, telephone banking or in branch.

5.  You advise us of the beneficiary account and we send your purchased currency to its destination.

6.  Once your funds have been sent out we will advise you by email in the form of a payment confirmation that you funds have been sent to the beneficiary.

This whole process will take no longer than a day or so, it will depend on how fast you can get you funds to us and what currency we are sending out. If you are buying sterling, euros or dollars then the funds can be sent out the same day but with other currencies it can take a day longer.

However with good planning we can ensure you get your required funds to their destination when required.

D-Mack Convert Currency
This converter obtains up to the minute exchange rates from Yahoo Finance
You do not need to include a currency symbol such as $ or £
You can include the cents decimal , such as 1345.89 if you like

Private Client Services

•  Overseas Property Purchase

•  Boat, Plane or Vehicle Purchase

•  Overseas Investments

•  Overseas Mortgage Payments

•  Pay for a Holiday or Foreign Travel

•  Pay for School or Tuition Fees

•  Top Up Overseas Bank Accounts

Contact SWFX for information on Private Client Services Contact SWFX