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Professional Services

Professional Services

An Add-On Service for your International Clients.


South West Foreign exchange works with a number of accountants, solicitors, wealth management and cost reduction companies as well as those organisations who help people with international trade offering its services when appropriate to their clients and customers in order for them to add value to the services they already offer.

Not being tied or influenced by any one particular bank, we have the benefit of being able to assess what your currency requirements are at the same time being totally impartial, we can do a ‘currency health check’ on your clients activities putting together the best solution possible for all their needs.

That said all of our partners purchase foreign currency through different liquidity suppliers i.e. the banks, but we buy all the currency at the same base rate as the banks themselves.

Specialising as we do in foreign exchange and risk management, we work hand in hand with particular companies looking at their client’s day to day need for physical currency exchange and at the broader scope of risk management to help them negate their currency risk from an ever moving currency market.

We can analyse a company’s currency transactions and to see where we might save both time and money and to keep a closer eye on day to day transactions , we do this mostly by being able to offer better exchange rates than they are currently getting through their incumbent but also look at the bigger picture through offering a full range of hedging strategies.

Currency exchange rates are a vital aspect of securing a company’s profit margins and competitiveness, by making a small and something large difference we hope to help as many as possible to add some value to their current operations.

If you have clients who trade in the overseas market place and you think we might be able to help in anyway, please do get in touch.

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