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Import & Export

Import & Export

For all your Foreign Currency needs.


The UK has a variety of companies who import and export a vast range of different products and services. We at South West Foreign Exchange look to work with any company involved in international trade.

Over the years we have dealt with many companies - big and small, start-ups and experienced - to help them maximise their profits in the exchange of foreign funds. We can buy foreign currency at exactly the same market rate as the banks but we can give you a far more competitive rate than them; we believe in fair and transparent pricing.

Most importantly we take the time to go through your actual requirements with you. All companies are different so we look to implement a buying strategy that suits the business you are in, not what your bank has to offer.

We would be delighted to see what improvements we can make. Please don’t think your business is too small, any saving we can make will make you more competitive. Often the smaller the company the worse rates you will get from your bank - that doesn’t need to be the case.

For further information regarding your import/export needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Sectors of business we deal with Include:

Animals and agriculture
Asset Management and property
Business Consultancy
Cleaning services equipment
Consumer goods – Electronics
Events and Entertainment
Fashion, Jewellery and Textiles
Film and Art
Food and Beverages
Furniture and Flooring
Gaming and Casinos
Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
Holidays, Travel and Car Hire
Industrial Goods
Media / Marketing
Metals and Mining
Outdoor Equipment
Renewable Energy Sources and Equipment
Sports Teams
Weapons and Defence

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Whether you’re taking your first steps in export or looking to improve your current export business, contact Middleton Jones today to discuss how our programmes can help you. With decades of experience in overseas trade, we can provide the expertise and guidance required for success. Building a foundation for success in International trade through tools such as the Middleton Jones Export House © or providing one-to-one or, one-to-many support, Middleton Jones will work with your company at every stage of your export journey.

Contact SWFX for information on Import & Export Contact SWFX